Exercise- Capturing the Moment

Find as for the last exercise, a ‘comfortable’ situation, possibly even the same location. For this exercise concentrate on bursts of activity, from which you try to capture a ‘best’ moment. There are two parts to photographing the moment: deciding what it should be, and capturing it. When you’ve finished shooting, review your images and pick out those that best capture a particular moment.


I used my 55-200mm zoom lens for this exercise as I felt that it would be the best lens to capture most activity whilst still remaining inconspicuous to the subject; enabling me to capture natural candid moments. I decided to capture these photos ‘on the go’ for this exercise. Therefore, I walked around town and had my camera at the ready to capture any interesting situations that may arise. This method seemed to work pretty well, and I was able to get a variety of ‘best moments’ captured. After the first few shots, I began to see that there was a sequence running up to what would be the actual moment itself. For example, for the image below, I got around five or six varying shots, beginning with the little girl approaching the lady, having a chat, putting some money in the bucket, the lady getting the sticker out, and finally; placing the sticker on the little girl. It was simply a matter of being ready for that final image; that particular moment when the burst of activity is at the ‘best’ moment possible. I simply could have waited for the best moment, instead of capturing all the moments running up to it, however, upon further inspection of some of my sequences, I noticed facial expressions and gestures that I had not seen during shooting, which clearly set one moment apart from the next; making it the ‘best’ moment.



For the image below it may seem that there would have been a better moment to capture than simply the little girl looking at her ice-cream. Such as licking the ice-cream. However, this was one of the sequences that upon reviewing, I changed my mind on that ‘best moment’ shot. The little girl has just been given her ice-cream, she has had a few licks, and her mouth is now covered in ice-cream! The expression on her face is what makes this the best moment; it appears that she is studying the ice-cream, deciding what would be the best way to approach this sweet treat next? Which angle is the best? Her expression could mean a thousand things, and that’s what sets this particular shot apart from the rest of the sequence. This highlights the importance of capturing several shots when trying to capture an activity and determine that best moment.


Below you will find a few more activities that I captured. Possibly not all as exciting as the first two, but we see how the ‘best moment’ can be captured in any simple activity or action.


IMG_5421 IMG_5411 IMG_5408


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