Exercise- Developing your confidence

Choose an outdoor situation where there will be lots of people and activity, and in which you will feel confident using a camera. Take as many photographs as you comfortably can in one session. When you review the photographs afterwards, recall the comfort levels you felt at the time, and consider to what extent this helped you in capturing expression and gesture.

I was a little apprehensive about beginning this part of the course, as I have never captured street photography before. Therefore, this was the perfect first exercise to develop my confidence in this type of photography. I decided to use a busy town in Harrogate teamed with my 55-200mm zoom lens so that I would remain as inconspicuous as possible!

I gradually eased my way into this exercise by sitting in a café and capturing people through the window! I managed to get some good photos using this method, and it certainly helped to slowly build up my confidence. As you can see from the images below; the photos are somewhat spoiled by the glass which blocks the lens from the subject. This results in unpleasant reflections in the image. However my confidence was definitely growing- and this turned out to be a great way to ease into street photography. I was then confident enough to venture outside. (see further down)

IMG_5398 IMG_5402 IMG_5404 IMG_5405

I sat outside and captured these images of people walking by. I noticed whilst capturing some of the images that I was spotted by the subject, who was now looking directly at my lens! This resulted in me speeding up the shot, and possibly not getting as good an exposure and framing as I would have liked. This is particularly true in the third image of the red coated lady. I like to capture at least two exposures in order to produce the best shot possible. However, after being spotted, I was unable to do this, and only managed to get one very rushed image. This highlights that being uncomfortable whilst shooting can result in an image that is less than pleasing. In comparison to this, I was very comfortable when shooting the final image, as it was towards the end of the session and my confidence was growing. This resulted in a few exposures which enabled me to cut out the bin in the framing, and adjust the aperture to focus the viewers attention solely on this lovely old lady. I have discovered my fascination for capturing elderly people in photography, as I find their mannerisms very interesting and endearing.


IMG_5384 IMG_5383

IMG_5412 IMG_5413

This was a very interesting exercise which has built up my confidence in street photography, and showed me how comfort levels can affect the quality of the outcome of an image.


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