Assignment Two Preparation (Also; Exercise- An Organised Event)

I decided to use a local parade for assignment two: People and Activity. The parade is located in a local town named Bangor in Northern Ireland, and contains all manner of fancy dress, floats, and of course, large crowds of people. This seemed like the perfect event for this next assignment, and the crowds and activity enabled me to capture a variety of photos.

The parade goes through the town twice, and so therefore I decided to use the first walk-through as preparation for my assignment. I positioned myself in a café which was looking directly down at the festivities; providing me with the perfect birds-eye view. Obviously, with the window between myself and the subjects; my intent was never to capture spectacular images, but simply to gain preparation and planning for the second walk-through which I would use for my assignment.

By placing myself directly above the parade, I was able to have a clear, unobstructed view of the event in quiet surroundings. This enabled me to clearly see what activities and floats were included in the parade, and aided me in planning my preferred shots for the actual assignment images. Therefore, I used the exercise- ‘an organised event’ to capture rough shots of the parade in preparation for my assignment.

Look for an organised event at which there will be plenty of people and in which you can confidently expect to be able to photograph freely and with some variety.

Crowds: Whilst I was sitting in the café, I found myself fascinated by watching people wait for the parade to start. This gave me inspiration, and I decided that for my assignment, it would possibly be quite interesting to capture the crowds awaiting the parade to begin. Therefore, in the image below, I captured these three young girls all wearing funny hats, and waiting for the festivities to start. However, I noted that their expressions were a little weary and didn’t really capture the excitement of the event all that well. Therefore, I hoped to improve upon this in my actual assignment images.


Shortly after the above image, the parade began! The man on stilts below was very interesting, and I planned to capture him in my assignment images. I decided that an interesting composition would be to kneel down slightly; pointing the lens up and at an angle; thereby creating the illusion that the subject was even taller.  I also decided that to do this subject justice, it was important to get a full-body composition to highlight his full and impressive height.


I loved this very strange large-headed man! It was possibly my favourite costume of the parade, and I knew that I HAD to get this in my assignment photos. I hoped to be able to capture him against a relatively plain background if possible, in order to highlight the subject alone. I also decided that I would like to crop the frame quite tightly around the head- so as to emphasise the main element of this costume well. Previously, my tutor has highlighted that my focus is not always on the subject’s eyes; so I also need to ensure that I get the focus totally accurate in this shot.


I loved the outfits that these drummers were wearing, and so decided that I would like to capture a close up of just one of the drummers with their amazing costume and specifically their large hat! I felt that it was important to just capture one of the drummers, as I did not want a wide-angle shot that would inevitably incorporate a lot of background- thus making it appear slightly busy and messy. I found the first drummer to be the most old-fashioned in appearance, so aimed to capture him if possible!


I liked the impressive height of this man, and hoped to capture a tightly cropped frame of him in my assignment with just the sky in the background. Again, I hoped to concentrate my efforts on aiming my point of focus solely and accurately on the eyes.


I loved this strange costume, and hoped to capture another cropped image of this man; hopefully against an uncluttered background. The zoom lens that I intended to use should make this aim achievable.


I captured the words ‘Bangor Boat’ on this image, as I thought this would make a good end/beginning to my assignment. However, I feel that I cropped this image too tightly, and should have incorporated the whole man in the image too, so that he doesn’t appear like a floating body!


This was a great exercise that prepared me well for assignment two. It enabled me to choose the subject’s I would like to capture, and also to gain compositional ideas for these subjects.


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