Exercise- Exploring Function

Choose any interior space, either domestic or public, and consider it from the point of view of its function. Who uses it or will use it? What is it intended to be used for? You are analysing the purpose of the room/space. First note what you think the space ought to be doing- a short list. Then consider how well you think it succeeds. Having made your analysis, make a carefully considered photograph of the space in order to put across the way it works for the people who use it.

The interior space which I have chosen is a garden centre. It is used by everyone, whether you are looking for a simple hose for your garden, or whether you are an enthusiast; buying anything from water features, to vegetable patches, to bird tables. It’s definitely used by a wide range of people; all looking to purchase something for their gardens. I think this space succeeds extremely well for it’s intended use. The large outdoor space creates a bright, pleasant environment for the plants to flourish in, whilst the clear shelter overtop enables the customers to shop whatever the weather. It is a large, spacious area; providing a great deal of room for a large variety of plants and trees; which are presented in a very appealing and orderly fashion.

Having made this analysis, I then began capturing my chosen shots for this building; showing the way in which the space is used.

Image 1- This image clearly shows the entrance to the garden centre. The sign at the top of the frame works in telling the viewer what the image is about. We see from the greenery and water feature surrounding the image that the products are used to entice the customer to enter the store. The subject positioned slightly off centre is captured entering the garden centre; giving a clear illustration of what this specific space is used for. The formation of the pathway of bricks create strong lines which work in drawing the viewers eye from the bottom of the frame to the entrance; making it the central part of this photo. This image is a great introduction to the garden centre; and flows into the other image in this set nicely.


Image 2- This shot shows well the large clear roof which provides a large part of the success of this space. It enables plant growth; whilst still sheltering shoppers from the elements. The wide angle shot also provides an insight into the large amount of stock in this garden centre. Therefore this is a strong shot in that it shows well the overall usage of this space; also containing shoppers in the frame.



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