Assignment Five Preparation

I decided to devise some planning for assignment five in order to ensure a strong assignment that is well thought out. Below you will find some information on the style I intend to use in my assignment, along with my two initial ideas for subjects to use.

My research thus far has centred around exploring specific photographers style and work in preparation for each assignment. However, upon approaching assignment five, I intend to research a few more photographers that use my own personal style and preference in photography. This will aid me in approaching my fifth assignment by providing me with a few more ideas and techniques as well as cementing my own style. My genre in photography centres around capturing candid portraiture, in a documentary style. I hope to show this style in my fifth assignment. Below you will see a few images which I have taken; revealing my signature style well. All these images carry a vintage theme; another love of mine.

IMG_5024 IMG_5028 (2) IMG_5122 1 IMG_5169

In assignment five, I intend to show more of this personal candid style in my research and images. I have a couple of main ideas for this assignment, as seen below;

New-born photo shoot

I have never carried out a new born photo shoot as of yet, and would love the challenge of capturing a little life just beginning. This is an area of photography that I hope to capture in my future career, and so feel that it would be a useful introduction to preparing me for new-born photography. The brief for assignment five simply states that we should capture people in a certain place. This new-born shoot would be perfect, capturing this little person in their brand new home environment where they will grow up. The cons of this idea are that most of the shots would be taken on a white fluffy blanket backdrop to focus solely on the baby. This may not meet the criteria well enough; therefore I may need to get some more images around various areas of the house, thus showing that I am capturing him in an actual place; his home.

Child photo shoot

Child photography is where my strongest work has come from thus far. I seem to get the majority of requests from parents who want me to capture their children, and so therefore I have had the most practice in this area. Practice really does make perfect, and I have now learnt the approaches that work and don’t work. I have seen that a relaxed atmosphere is a necessity; and keeping parents calm is the key to relaxed and happy children. I have also learnt that children are very aware of the camera, and need distraction in order to produce candid shots. Therefore, if I were to do a child photo shoot for this assignment, I would take along props and game ideas to ensure this. I have a location in mind; a local park which contains many different opportunities for varying scenes and images. This would again meet the criteria; capturing people in a place. This would be more in my comfort zone than the new-born shoot, as I have a tried and tested technique, and so it would be the strongest idea for a good finished result for this assignment. However, the new-born shoot would test my skills the most, as it is something which I have never done before; and would really stretch my boundaries.

Obviously my client brief for both would be that of the parent; and would be completely real, and not simply set by myself for this assignment. This makes it a lot more realistic, and prepares me well for my future in portrait photography and the pressures that come with a client brief. I may carry out both photoshoots, and decide upon which one is best upon reflective review and close inspection of the strengths and weaknesses of each set of images.


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