Exercise- A single figure small

Exercise Specification: This kind of image is not easy to plan, simply because the conditions are so specific- a place which at the time of shooting is for the most part free of people, yet with an occasional figure passing through it. The point of this style of image is lost if the viewer fails to notice the figure and moves on.

Prior to this exercise, I did a little research into Max Wanger. He is an American modern photographer who’s genre is centred around wedding photography. He is famous for his images using negative space to make one or two single figures stand out in the frame. His washed out backgrounds with tiny people at the bottom of the frame results in a stunning high contrast image that I love. I took inspiration from this style in my image for this exercise.


mw_americanphoto_13 mw_americanphoto_14


I love this type of image, and so I really enjoyed this task of capturing a single small figure in the frame. I used my niece as a model, and an open field as the location. I chose this location, as the large barren space of negative information would work superbly in making my subject stand out. The bright red colour of her overalls further created tonal contrast between the subject and the background. I simply instructed Lynne to walk away from the camera towards the top of the field. I then captured several images of her at different distances from the camera, and in different positions in the frame. I settled on the image below; with the subject to the far right of the frame, about to disappear down the hill. This creates a nice relationship between subject and setting without placing the subject too central and obvious; thus losing the interest of the image.


I really enjoyed this exercise, and was very happy with the finished result. The image clearly shows a single figure in the frame; and I carefully framed and edited the image in such a way as to ensure a technically strong image where the subject was not in a prominent position, yet stood out; thus creating interest for the viewer.


(1-2) AMERICAN PHOTO (2012), The Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2012, Available from: http://www.americanphotomag.com/article/2012/05/top-10-wedding-photographers-2012 [Accessed 18/06/13]


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