Exercise- Busy Traffic

Exercise Specification: Choose a busy location, interior or exterior, and find a viewpoint that will give you a satisfying composition as well as a good sense of the nature and function of the space. Aim to show the ‘busyness’ of the place, which might involve altering the composition, perhaps changing the focal length of lens, or experimenting with a slow exposure.

For this exercise I wanted to try something a little bit different. I was on a recent trip, and due to an on-going illness, I happened to be sitting in a wheelchair. There was another fifty or so people on the trip, and we were all making our way towards the tourist site that we were visiting. Due to the different perspective in which I was viewing the scene, I came up with an interesting composition to capture the busyness of the people. From my view I could mostly see the bottom half of each person, and could not see much else of the place we were in! Therefore, possibly a little unorthodoxly, this busy traffic exercise is from the perspective of a wheelchair user; what they see in busy situations, and how limited their view truly is.




I chose a moment when the crowd to the front was crossing the road- therefore showing the busy-ness of the place by filling the frame with people. I chose monochrome for this image in order to show the slight bleak-ness of the wheelchair user’s world; as every experience is tainted by their inability to simply walk.




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