Exercise- Balancing Figure and Space

Draw on your photography so far in this course and on the techniques you have learned, to vary balance in any one picture situation. Aim to produce two images, using the same general viewpoint and composition, varying the balance of attention between the person and the setting they are in. You can combine this exercise with any of the relevant earlier ones, if you prefer.

I combined this exercise with a previous exercise; ‘a single figure small’. I chose this open field as my setting for this shot. In image one the attention is solely on the subject; placed central in the frame- her face commanding the majority of the focus in the image, with the background falling into a soft blur. In image two, the balance of the attention is now on the setting the subject is in. To achieve this, I captured the subject very small in the frame, and positioned her towards the edge of the frame. I also placed her facing away from the camera in order to remove the personality of the subject, and ensure total anonymity which further ensures the focus is on the setting the subject is in. In editing, I increased the contrast of the setting, and decreased the contrast of the subject in order to further remove the attention from the subject to the setting.

IMG_6231 IMG_6246 (1)


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