Assignment Five- Client Brief

I am enclosing here the client brief which I followed closely for assignment five. I have recently completed both potential photo-shoots, including the new-born shoot and the children’s photo shoot. Upon close reflection, I decided that the new-born selection was the strongest, and so I chose this for my final assignment. Below you will find the form which I provided my client with prior to the shoot, in order to gain some basic knowledge on the family, their home and of course, the brief the client would like me to adhere to. I felt that this form was important, as most clients don’t know what they want until you lay all the options out simply. With these basic questions it provided the mother with easily answered questions to help her form in her mind what she wanted. See below for the full form, along with the answers I was given.

Thank-you very much for choosing Hans Photography for your photo shoot. I have a few questions I would like you to answer in order for me to centre the photo shoot around your needs and personal requirements.

Name of Mother: Delene Shannon

Name of Father: Eric Shannon

Name and age of children/child as on day of shoot: Adam Shannon, 11 days old

Would you like any other family members to be included in the shoot? No

Where would you like the photo shoot to be held? Our home

Can you describe the type of images that you would like? i.e.- classic white background/ relaxed images around your home with no background? A mixture of the two would be lovely. We like the idea of relaxed photos, as well as the white background ones for framing.

Do you have any special toys or props that you would like included in the shoot? No.

Are there any other specific shots that you have in mind that you would like me to capture? We have seen shots of a friend’s baby of just her two little feet in a picture, which we think looks very special! So we would like this please!

I perform basic edits on each image to improve small elements such as lighting. Is this acceptable, and do you have any further requests in this area? Yes this is acceptable. No further requests.

Does your child have any allergies or reactions? No

Do you have any other special requirements that you would like me to take note of? No

Client Signiture



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