Black and White VS Colour Photography

My tutor suggested that I needed to consider why I made my images in colour or black and white. I feel that I possibly haven’t described my knowledge of the difference between the two when submitting my assignment images. I have simply produced black and white images without really saying why I chose monochrome over colour. I did a great deal of research into black and white photography in my previous module; Digital Photographic Practice, and you will find this here. I took into consideration specifically the type of scene or subject that works best in monochrome, and have since been shooting with the finished outcome of either colour or black and white in mind. My work throughout this module has been no different, and I have constantly pre-visualised when shooting whether an image was best for monochrome conversion or for colour. The vibrancy of colour versus the simplicity of black and white is a battle that is always raging in my work! The simplicity of monochrome generally wins, and thus a lot of my portraits get converted to black and white. This strips away distraction, and concentrates the viewer solely on the subject. However, as explained in my previous research, this would not be appropriate for all portraits, as Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl simply would not be the same without the rich greens and oranges running throughout. The girl’s large green eyes are the focus of this shot, and to take them away would be to remove key information from the image.

Therefore to conclude, I am aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both colour and black and white photography. I always take into consideration the shape, lighting, texture, and subject before deciding if an image is appropriate for conversion.


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